UQE Quake 2

Friday, August 30, 2013
From the outset of this project the idea was to ensure that the engine is as much as possible a purist build of the game. Most of the changes made to the engine were under-the-hood with a very small amount of actual visual changes. It is the perfect engine for those that are not inclined to care about having any extras like custom 32-bit texture support and other eye candy that transforms the game into something other than what was intended by the original.

Most probably it is also a pretty good candidate to be used when buying Quake 2 through digital online services like Steam since the effort required to make the jump from the original to UQE Quake 2 is extremely minimal from an upgrade perspective only requiring the original fully patched PAK files and optionally also the CIN files for cinematic playback.

The most obvious addition to the engine is the ability to set the screen resolution from 320x240 right up to more contemporary HD resolutions like 1920x1080. Functionality were also added to automatically recalculate the appropriate FOV based upon the selected screen resolution. All 2D art like the menus and other UI elements also gets scaled appropriately to remain at a consistent size.